Exilis by Shape & Rejuvenates

How does it work

Multiple Award winning Exilis uses a unique combination of radio frequency and ultra sound to stimulate collagen, melt fat and tighten skin with a safe cooling tip ensuring safety and comfort during treatment.

What can I expect?

An initial consultation to review suitability, your areas of concern and what treatment entails.

If Exilis is suitable for you and your area (s) of concern, 4-6 treatment sessions will be recommended. Results may be evident throughout treatment but full results can take up to 3 months to become realised.

Pain free treatment – Exilis creates a sensation of heat, not pain, and throughout the treatment we will check regularly you are comfortable and if not, take steps to ensure you are at ease with the treatment process.

There are always ways you can help the treatment work and achieve best results-Hydration is vital to results of the treatment- plenty water is essential the day before, day of and day after treatment to ensure the best results and optimum comfort. For Body treatments, gentle exercise on the days following treatment is also encouraged.

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Our Address

  Helios Clinic,
      Kuwait, Salmiyah block 12th.
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